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The Water Witch

by George McGinn


There is a place known as Craggy Bay
Clouded by mist and ocean spray

Which is the distant breath of a water witch
Whose desire to eat men is as strong as an itch.

So stay well clear of the edge of the cliff
As all she needs of you is just one whiff

Before she rushes to you from the depths of hell
Like an animal under a lustful spell.

At the edge of the cliff she will whip
And snatch you with a firm grip.

To herself she will tether
As she squeals "I'VE TAKEN YOU FOREVER!"

She has no sense of your grief
As she drags you beyond the reef.

And swallowed up by the deepest wave,
She drags you down to a watery grave.



~The End ~


The Forgotten Woodlands
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