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The Frighful Sprite

by George McGinn


There was a frightful sprite who regularly held round the clock parties at his home in the shallow nook of a great oak tree. The music on his gramophone was unbearably loud and guests were raucous. After his parties, the sprite would go to bed without clearing up leaving his party leftovers strewn accross the forest floor. At best, he would gather up some of the debris, but then dump them in a nearby brook. It would take weeks for the other woodland creatures to dredge the brooks and to purge the woodland of the sprite's trash onlhy for him to hold another messy party. His anti-social behaviour angered the other creatures and particularly those who shared the great oak tree. A bleary eyed squirrel who lived on the top branch decided to write a complaint to the High Council (see below). Shortly after, the Elf officer called upon the sprite to stop his parties, but his request fell on deaf ears. The Elf cast a spell so that the gramophone played only soothing lullabies. The sprite soon fell asleep and so did all the other animals who shared the tree.


Mr Squirrel
Top Branch of The Great Oak Tree
Forgotten Woodlands of Pondilly

Madam Belle Fleur
The High Council
9th Branch of The Great Oak Tree

Dear Madam Fleur

I wish to bring to your attention the conduct of Mr Sprite whose nightly parties on the ground are keeping the residents of The Great Oak Tree awake all night. I am but a mere squirrel who cannot hear himself think above the appalling din of Mr Sprite's music system. His new fangled gadget called the gramophone is a great source of misery to me and my family who wish to live quietly in our nest on the top branch. These parties are a gross invasion of our privacy and the rubbish they generate is polluting our woods. I look forward to your response in the hope that you may find a solution.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Squirrel


~The End ~


The Forgotten Woodlands
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